Thursday, September 29th, 2022

The Six Common Selection Errors

One of the sad outcomes of my consulting work is that I’ve seen, again and again, how companies make the same mistakes in selecting employees. There are a few common errors made by a majority of companies. Here are the top six selection errors that you need to avoid.  1. Subjectivity over objectivity Using your gut to find great talent is fine as long as you gather facts (objective information)... [Read more]

The Real Cost of a Selection Error

Selection errors cost four to five times annual salary. Hire the wrong person for a $30,000-a-year job and it eventually will cost you about $150,000. The tangible costs alone of a poor hire are often quoted as a minimum of 25-35% of a year’s base salary. The costs go beyond direct salary and benefits. The costs can include materials, recruiting expenses (fees, travel expenses, management time, and... [Read more]

What Top Producers Require from Their Manager / Leaders!

Here are a few rules to consider when selecting someone to lead a team. You may view some of them as common sense, but don’t let that fool you. My 30 years of experience with both great and poorly performing companies has convinced me these rules are not commonly practiced, yet they are extremely important for building great teams.  Give the support of respect and trust If you choose someone from... [Read more]

Evaluating the Strength of Your Family Business

Do you know your organization’s most vulnerable link? At what job level is your practice or company most vulnerable? Different experts will give different answers to this question. I believe the lowest level of your management or leadership team is your most vulnerable link. This group, line managers— works closest to the client or end product. This is the point where the owner’s vision, mission... [Read more]

Understanding Where You Are In Your Organization’s Growth Stage

The logical place to begin our journey is to examine how privately owned businesses and professional practices grow. There is a natural and predictable set of stages into all companies fall… Here we will cover the four major stages of business growth: Entrepreneurial, Personal, Organizational and Beyond.  The personal goals of the owners drive business decisions and ultimately form the basis... [Read more]