Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Do you know your organization’s most vulnerable link?

At what job level is your practice or company most vulnerable? Different experts will give different answers to this question. I believe the lowest level of your management or leadership team is your most vulnerable link. This group, line managers— works closest to the client or end product. This is the point where the owner’s vision, mission and values are passed on to the employees closest to your client or product. The ability of the line manager to recruit, select, develop, maximize and retain talent is paramount to building a great organization.

Other ways to evaluate the strength of your organization…..

The logical place to begin our journey is to examine how privately owned businesses and professional practices grow. There is a natural and predictable set of stages into all companies fall… Here we will cover the four major stages of business growth: Entrepreneurial, Personal, Organizational and Beyond.

The personal goals of the owners drive business decisions and ultimately form the basis of the growth stage where the business will reside. You do not need to attain a certain growth stage nor must you go through all these stages. You may start and indefinitely remain in the entrepreneurial stage. That is your choice and I place no value judgment on your conscious decision. That said, progressing through these stages is the surest and clearest path to greatness.

This article foreshadows what to expect as you expand your organization and build toward greatness. If you are frustrated or stuck in your growth cycle, this article may help explain why that is and what you can do to move forward to more fun and profits…

Do You Realize That Personal Goals Drive Business Planning!

Goal setting and planning is essential for economic success, as well as, personal growth and peace of mind. Without goals and plans for their achievement in both our personal and business life, there is the tendency of letting events dictate how we will live our lives. We also miss the benefit of learning experiences and the excitement which occurs as we move to achieve our goals.

The absence of goal setting is the major reason for management by crisis. This is a situation where reacting to circumstances dictate ones life. This is a management style I have observed in many business owners and managers. This often occurs in the time of rapid growth or decline in business and is characterized by burn out or panic. These traits are truly not part of the environment of “fun and profit” which is found in great organizations. An early symptom of management by crisis can be identified by a statement such as, “I just don’t have the time to…”. Goal setting and planning, I have discovered, is the only way out of the crisis mode.

One of the most dynamic situations business owners may have is the opportunity to integrate their personal and business goals. Ironically, this is ….

Employing Family Members Is Tricky At Best!
 Involving children or other family members in your business is not easy and often makes the owner’s life more stressful.  It is the exception when this works out well and becomes the best of all worlds with a great sense of pride for all.  Here are some basic thoughts [...]