Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

As president of your company you often see talented people that “your gut tells you” they would be great in my business and….. Some of them are friends, others are casual acquaintances and some believe it or not are related by marriage. I wish I had a low risk way or just a way I could approach people. I don’t want to hire a friend or relative and not have it work and I don’t want to not approach them.

First of all, you are to be congratulated on wanting to bring in talented people to your organization that will be successful in your environment. I do not know of a successful company owner who was not a good recruiter for their business. At the same time, I also know of relatives and friends who appeared to be a good fit, but sadly were not.

In this article, I will take you through an approach that will allow you to recruit talent you have identified and why it is essential that you have your management team adopt this …….

Hiring is often an undisciplined process. The end result is that it is the beginning of the end rather than the beginning. The first discipline in hiring great talent is developing the requirements for the position.