Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

John had been with me five years. He had been a top producer for four of these years. He learned quickly and showed promise right away in his first week. The market is difficult now- John won’t earn as much as he did last year, but he still is within 10% of last year. He is great. I never have to spend time with him because he is always on task. I sure wish the other five sales people did not take so much time. They always have questions even when I show them how to do their job.

There are several possible issues here…..

Economies, organizations and individual attitudes are constantly changing and almost always out of sync with each other. If your gut tells you there are some changes going on in your organization and you don’t have a handle on them, here is an exercise that you can do with your direct reports to determine what is out of sync and what really working well! It is easy to do, but once the topics are opened up the leader needs to be committed to action. Otherwise, you will experience a loss of credibility and possibly make things worse