Thursday, September 29th, 2022

How Well Is Your Team Functioning?


This article is a self discovery exercise for the team you lead. It is a brief exercise that will allow you to quickly assess how well your direct reports are functioning as a team.  You should note that a prime leadership objective from the CEO to an entry level manager / leader: “To build a team of…”  Follow the steps below to determine the team strength of your direct reports.

Rate your team members on these common characteristics:

  • Communication: How well do I interact with this person and do they with their peers on my team.
  • Performance: Rank each member on their performance of the their job
  • Values: How does the person share in the common known business values of the team?


Next Steps:

    1. Make a list of your direct reports. 
    2. Rate each person on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the strongest score and 1 the weakest in each of the characteristics. 15 will be highest possible total score and 3 the lowest possible total score.
    3. Rank each person from the highest to lowest total score
    4. Take out a piece of paper:
    5. Place a dot in the center of the paper representing you as the center of your business unit
    6. Place dot representing the person with the highest score in line above you (12:00) this will be the person in closest proximity to you
    7. Take the person with the lowest scores and place the furthest from you in proportion to the person with the highest scores.  (This will be at 6:00)
    8. Fill in the rest of the team members in spokes to you representing scores between the highest (12:00) and lowest (6:00)
    9. Using you as the center draw a circle using a score of acceptable performance as a  radius – this circle is the culture line- those inside are part of the acceptable culture – those falling outside are not.


What do you observe?  Are there people outside the culture line, if so- why?  What can you do to bring them back inside the team? Are some approaching the outside- why? Is it a selection, training or engagement issue? Do they need to be replaced?

Congratulations, this exercise has given you a way of taking your gut and producing more objective evidence of your feelings. It also gives you some questions to ask yourself to determine your next steps. Leadership begins at the top and filters throughout the layers of leadership/management to the last employee, which has a high impact on the end user of you product or service.

Could your gut be telling you that there is a leadership issue?  There are processes that can be incorporated into building a truly great organization and many of them deal with the development of leadership skills.  What’s in your leadership wallet?!

To arrange a free 30 minute discussion of the results of your team evaluation email me at: and request “Team Evaluation Dicussion”.

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