Friday, December 3rd, 2021

How to Validate a Behavioral Assessment?


Situation: You have just received the results of an assessment for someone you are considering to hire.  You believe you have a great person and the results of the assessment seem to be positive.  Most assessment companies declare that the assessment should be no more than 30% of the selection process.  In order to maximize the information in the assessment, you need to know how to use the report.  Some assessments are easily faked when taken and this process will help you understand the assessment’s reliability and validity

The key to remember is- that validation comes from the specific examples given by the candidate that illustrate the shared statement in the assessment.  A key to understanding a candidate’s fit to your position is how they are able to demonstrate their past behavior successfully on the job.  If these examples of strong behavior are transferable to your company’s job then you are validating the assessment information.  It is not the candidate’s agreement to the shared statements that is significant it is the example of the behavior successfully utilized.  If the examples are not forth coming, you must assume that the behavior is not present!

Below is an action plan that I have used to train my clients in the effective use of assessment information. 



  • Set the ground rules for the interview         
  • Validate the assessment
  • Get to know the real person


Timetable: Fifteen to thirty minutes




  • Read through the assessment and underline four to six statements that are positive about the person and positive for the position.
  • Number the most positive statements for the person and the position 1-6 with the most positive statement # 1 and second most positive statement # 2 and continue for all the statements selected.
  • Set up the appointment for the interview
  • Make sure that you have allocated the time in private atmosphere- no calls




Conducting the interview:

  • Verify the time that the candidate allocated- reschedule if not


  • Tell the candidate:  They can take notes, you will be taking notes, ask questions is OK- may defer to later time.  Provide water, seated- round table best- make comfortable but not overly- keep it business like.


  • Start interview: Tell them that you are going to share the assessment results with them:


  • Read most positive statement first- “Does this sound like you”


  • Upon affirmative answer ask them to share a specific example illustrating this behavior.  If example is unclear, then ask for another example.


  • Continue using the same process until all the selected statements are validated.


To learn more on how to select talent for your team please email and request information on how to conduct an interview.

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