Thursday, September 29th, 2022

How To Recruit Qualified People Anywhere… Anytime!


As president of your company you often see talented people that “your gut tells you” they would be great in my business and…..  Some of them are friends, others are casual acquaintances and some believe it or not are related by marriage.  I wish I had a low risk way or just a way I could approach people.  I don’t want to hire a friend or relative and not have it work and I don’t want to not approach them.

First of all, you are to be congratulated on wanting to bring in talented people to your organization that will be successful in your environment.  I do not know of a successful company owner who was not a good recruiter for their business.  At the same time, I also know of relatives and friends who appeared to be a good fit, but sadly were not.

In this article, I will take you through an approach that will allow you to recruit talent you have identified and why it is essential that you have your management team adopt this process as you grow. (In interviewing thousands of managers in closely held businesses and professional practices- virtually less than 2% have indicated recruitment of talent as an important job function- most times omitted in describing what their job entails!!!)  Future articles will add to how you bring the targeted people through a process of selection that will reduce the risk of hiring a “poor fit” for your organization and at the same time make all parties feel good about the process if they were selected or not.  Notice I said “poor fit” rather than a bad hire which assumes bad person or bad company.  Let’s discuss the mind set that you need to have and some of the ingredients you need in your initial contact with someone you have identified as potential for your organization.

Here are a few realizations that I have come to along with other successful company or private practice owners:

  • Often best people are not looking for a new job they are currently working
  • Many people do not register on job boards or read help wanted ads
  • Many if not most of the talented people have not written a resume in years
  • Almost everyone goes through a least a minor dissatisfaction phase in their job yearly
  • Recruitment agencies are really working at cross purposes with you and your goals
  • When you properly approach a targeted person for your company, you are actually marketing your business
  • Adjusting how you look at recruitment and selection is necessary to win the talent war
  • Committing to “candidate philosophy” and “take away technique” are keys to hiring strong people.
  • Many talented people have been hired via an indirect approach-(this been a personal favorite of mine)
  • Recruitment is an ongoing process for all management- you need to identify talent before you need a person
  • We need to learn to hire slowly and fire more quickly and being a good talent recruiter allows you to do this
  • A good recruiter is not a prisoner of poor performers on his/her team- you are in strong leadership role of raising the performance bar.


Mindset:  If I were to adopt “the candidate philosophy” as the basis of my selection process, I can explore a business opportunity with anyone directly or indirectly.  This philosophy is based on the mature and mutual exploration of a business opportunity where either party can opt out once they sense the opportunity may not be a good fit or continue the process to its natural conclusion.  This allows you as an owner/manager to approach anyone if they are willing to be a candidate.  Approaching people with this philosophy places a heavy emphasis on identifying people who possess the right mix of behavior, chemistry, interests and experience for your organization.  It allows you to approach seemingly qualified people who are already employed, with the knowledge that they do not have to be unemployed to be approached and that in the timeline of a year the candidate will experience at least some mild dissatisfaction and will then become a candidate. 

The “candidate philosophy” is also “a takeaway” for a hotshot producer.  Let’s assume that you are approach a highly successful sales person.  Because of their reputation and track record, they have received many offers.  Your approach is entirely different as you are offering nothing but the mutual exploration of an opportunity.  You want to be certain that the candidate will be more successful in your environment that where the candidate currently resides.  By doing this, you are developing a certain amount of control early, which is necessary.  If you can not manage this process with the candidate, how are you going to manage/lead the candidate once they are hired?  You know what is like to manage a maverick that produces revenue and turns the whole organization upside down in the process!  Good strong candidates will respond positively to a mutual exploration of a business opportunity.

To get more information on how to recruit “candidates and market your business at the same time” email: and request “C of I Process” 




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