Thursday, September 29th, 2022

How Do I Select The Right Assessment For My Organization?


You have heard a lot about assessments from assessment company articles, email, Internet etc- I am confused with the information… As a small to medium sized company owner, how do I select the right assessment for me to use?

As a company owner, I used assessments to help me make decisions on who to hire and who to promote and found them helpful.  As a consultant to small business owners, I looked carefully before I selected an assessment company.  I set up criteria that were helpful from my past experience as a company CEO.

Selection Criteria:

  • Does the company have ongoing reliability and validation studies with good scores?  This just means does the assessment assess what it is supposed to and does it consistently?  Some companies do not keep up with some of the language and cultural standards and may not be able to provide executive summaries of their validation and reliability studies.
  • Is the assessment adaptable to my company culture and industry?
  • Can the same assessment information be used for other positions in my company?
  • Can I get multiple reports on people once they have taken an assessment?
  • Is this Internet based or do I have to buy software?
  • What kind of customer support is offered?
  • If the salesman leaves, will I still be supported?
  • What kind of training is offered so I can get it implemented in my company?
  • What is the cost versus the information and number of reports available?
  • Some assessments are best used for team building or existing staff and not for selection- be sure that it can be used for both!
  • Does the assessment have a way of measuring distorted information presented by the taker?
  • How user-friendly are the reports?  Many assessments are not developed for the business environment and require interpretation by the company!
  • What is my turnaround time to get assessment results?
  • Do they offer a virtual assessment center where data is available to me on all of my company?
  • Can I monitor this process of assessment use without being personally involved in every selection?
  • Is there a simple scoring system that would give me an indication of “fit” of a candidate for positions within my company?


Concluding remarks:

You could pay as little as $25 per assessment to over $200.  If the assessment is what you need and is robust and both valid and reliable either end of the spectrum of pricing is not too much.  The cost of a hiring mistake: which means hiring the wrong fit or prematurely exiting candidate with the right fit from your process are both equally costly.    They signify loss of opportunity for your organization easily translated into thousands of dollars per hiring mistake.  Building long term value is dependent upon management’s ability in:  finding, developing and maximizing human talent.  A well selected assessment product(s) can give leadership an edge against its competition.  Great companies have great people.

To explore how assessments may help your organization select, develop and retain great talent email: request “Free assessment discussion”.

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