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What Top Producers Require from Their Manager / Leaders!


Here are a few rules to consider when selecting someone to lead a team. You may view some of them as common sense, but don’t let that fool you. My 30 years of experience with both great and poorly performing companies has convinced me these rules are not commonly practiced, yet they are extremely important for building great teams.

 Give the support of respect and trust

If you choose someone from a production role to become a team leader, you and your entire management team must give the new leader respect and trust. The new team leader’s past achievements and successes will influence his/her success in this new role. This will be certainly true of all line managers you need to select. This is a given. But there are some behavioral characteristics that also need to be considered in addition to top performance and loyalty when identifying and choosing a team leader or manager. Think about the best leaders you have known in your business career. I believe you will find the following three characteristics accurately describe best of breed team leaders:

  •             Professional—knows how to select talent

The best leaders know how to select talent for their team. They are good trainers and develop the job skills and abilities of their people. They know how to hold employees accountable to stated objectives and they also know how to provide a positive motivational atmosphere. They are skilled at professional management and leadership.

  •             Available when needed

Great leaders are available when needed. These leaders have a sense of timing and are readily available during tough times or times of critical need. They don’t run away from problems. They do believe problems are opportunities in disguise.

  •              Understands each individual

The best leaders understand each individual’s needs and work style. They are aware of individual goals and strive to help individuals meet their goals as the business meets its objectives. They know that no employee is perfect and they work perfectly well with all types of employees.


Unique behavioral characteristics found in top managers/leaders

Those three characteristics describe your best candidates for new group leader roles. Here are some other characteristics you’ll find in the best of the best.


1. A need to lead

Great leaders have a burning desire to see others grow and learn. Natural line managers or leaders have the ability to sublimate their ego for the benefit of others. They are willing help team members break their own personal sales record.


2. A need for power

These leaders are comfortable with and seek out responsibility. They have the ability to take charge, pursue problems, hold people accountable and make unpopular decisions. This is the “iron fist” within the “velvet glove”.


3. A need for people- sensitivity

Top managers want to be around people. They respect others and want to see them succeed. They understand and listen to others. They earn trust. They know when to push and prod and when to compliment and ask. This is the “velvet glove” of people sensitivity.

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3 Responses to “What Top Producers Require from Their Manager / Leaders!”
  1. Leader is the person who handles their team, for that he needs some leadership skills. Leadership skill means the person having the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. Everyone wants to be a good leader but there is some criteria every have to follow to become a good leader and criteria of every company is different from each other what works in one organization, in one time and place, may well not work in another.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your view on leadership. Certain situations require a different form of leadership- when the building is burning it is not the time for a team building meeting… The best leaders have multiple skills in leadership (requisite variety) and are able to deploy the right leadership skill for the right situation.

    Thank you for participating.


  3. admin says:

    Thanks for your view- there are types of organizations that require different leadership styles. Maybe you may want to share some of your specific observations or experiences.



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