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How You Can Make Your Goals Real Accomplishments!


After a business has been around for a while, and has moved beyond the stage of survival, there is a nagging sense that a bit more formality is needed in the area of mutual accountability.  That is each person’s committed action is part of achieving the organization’s goal.  A while back a very simple but effective way of formalizing accountability was given to me and I am pleased pass it on with refinements which I developed with clients. This article will help you

  • Discover a simple business communication process
  • Learn how to goals into accomplishments
  • Discover when to enter as a manger
  • See a sample action plan
  • How to organize your actions
  • How to set a simple tracking process
  • Learn how to become a better manager and leader
  • An easy process to share with your managers

 A goal without and action plan is merely a dream or wish.  The following simple process can be used by all members of an organization to turn goals into objectives of achievement.  This process is called action plan development.  Here are the key elements of an action with a brief description of each key element.

 A plan of action consists of: Objective(s), Timetable, Methods and Feedback.  Each item will be defined allowing you to have a format to plan, communicate and monitor goal achievement.  This process is an easily reproduced management skill.

 Objective(s):  These are the end results or desired outcomes expressed in measureable terms.  You may have more than one objective in an action plan.  Most often you would have a primary outcome and in certain situations secondary outcomes.  Sometimes there are ranges of acceptable performance expressed in quantitative form.

For example:

  • Minimum Acceptable (MA) goal would be the lowest level of acceptable performance. 
  • Expected Average (EA) is what you would normally set as a single goal.  It is not a real reach, but it is a reasonable forecast based on historical data and reasonable judgment. 
  • Maximum Probable (MP) is the reach goal, but attainable, if everything falls together and Murphy’s Law doesn’t present itself.

 By using a pathway of acceptable performance you are instituting a process of management by exception.  You as a manager of your own plan or a team’s plan, you will become proactive when you see results falling outside of the extremes of Minimum Acceptable or Maximum Probable indicators.  This avoids over or under management.

 Timetable:  This is when this objective is to be achieved (in the sample this is a year’s goal but it could be a daily goal or any other time period)

 Methods:  These are the sequential steps or actions you have decided to take to reach your objectives.  You may have brainstormed the action steps and then chosen the key actions you wanted to take and arranged them in sequence of key activities.

  • Brainstorm key actions
  • Determine which actions are viable
  • Arrange remaining actions in order they will betaken
  • Place target completion dates by each action item
  • Assign name of person responsible for each item

 Feedback:  These are the checkpoints that are critical to meeting my goals, if examined regularly, will ensure that I remain on plan and on time.  Remember that when you take a flight the commercial aircraft when on auto pilot, its course is adjusted as often as every three minutes. There are a couple simple rules that you may want to consider when developing feedback systems:

 Feedback Suggested Rules: Feedback needs to be:

  • Simple to retrieve
  • Meaningful to both giver and receiver
  • Timely and relevant
  • Used as a learning tool; therefore, there needs to be feedback on the feedback
  • Use numbers and/or dates

Conclusion: Below is a sample of a finished action plan with: measureable goals, a timetable for successful completion, methods – sequential steps that are logical and finally- feedback which adds the discipline to follow up on what is started and to self correct with needed change.  The periodic checkpoints also offer the opportunity to learn from successes.  Action plans can be developed individually or with a group. Remember, if a goal is worthy of attainment, turn it into an achievable objective by using the action plan process.

                                                                        MA                 EA                   MP


Develop and close new clients               7                     10                    15

 Timetable: Within the next 12 months


  1. Proposals and presentations for potential new clients
  2. Conduct initial expectations interviews for new clients
  3. Turn clients over to customer service representative
  4. Conduct Make a list of key clients who could expand their business or refer other potential clients
  5. Conduct Center of Influence Calls with key clients and other influencers
  6. Have initial interviews with referred potential clients
  7. Have need determination appointments with potential clients
  8. Develop contact list for monthly newsletter
  9. Develop joint client review with client and customer service

 * These are random steps that may need to be resequenced: for example # 8  should be earlier in the sequence and # 2 should be much later- this just an illustration of the format


  • Client list developed by week one (date)
  • Monthly newsletter initial contact list by week one thereafter reviewed monthly
  • Conduct Center of Influence Interviews Weekly: MA (2) EA (3) MP (5)
  • Initial Potential Client Interviews Monthly: MA (6) EA (9) MP (15)
  • Proposals written & presented monthly: MA (3) EA (5) MP (9)
  • New Clients Obtained Monthly: MA (1) EA (2) MP (4)
  • New client expectation meeting: 100%
  • New client Quarterly Review with Customer Service: 100%

* As you can see the Feedback list reflects the proper sequence of actions in Methods.

 For more complete information on the topic of management combined with strong leadership technique – email:  ask for: “Management: A Means to a Desired End”

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