Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Long Range Planning Essential Preparation Steps


Preparation: Gathering of information for retreat participants:

This is the essential process of engaging the organization, getting input, compiling the information and communicating a specific prep-assignment to the retreat participants.

The key points of the preparation process:

  • Go to each business unit and have the participants brainstorm Strengths & Weaknesses and suggested actions for: their business unit and the company as a whole.
  • Consolidate these remarks without names with responses from other business units
  • Have planning retreat participants read and write their observations
  • Have senior management rate the organizations primary resources:  Intangible, Tangible, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Financial and Management Information Systems.  Retreat participants are to rate each resource from 1-5- the number 5 is a fully maximized resource and a competitive advantage to be exploited and 1 would be true vulnerability and a competitive disadvantage which may be exploited by the competition noting respective Opportunities and Threats.
  • Each retreat participant will prepare their observations to the consolidated strengths and weaknesses for each individual working unit noting Opportunities and Threats.
  • Financial information over past three years: Gross Sales, Gross Margin or Contribution Margin Consolidated and by each operation unit
  • Current Mission & Vision Statement (if available): Examples: Mission- The Cove is the primary source of information for how children grieve. Vision- Provide a Cove Service for every grieving child in CT.    

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