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Communicating & Tracking Your Long Range Plan


Communicating & Tracking Your Long Range Plan

Too many long range plans fail to be implemented. This occurs because they are not communicated to the entire organization where they may add the finishing touches to the programs that will achieve the goals. It is no wonder the plans are not implemented or optimized when the implementers are not given the opportunity to engage in the implementation plan which really occurs after the retreat.

What you expect needs to be reviewed or inspected.  Otherwise plans fail to be implemented and get lost in the day to day operations. Our monthly and thereafter quarterly feedback meetings are dedicated solely to reviewing the 3-5 programs which were the key areas to goal accomplishment.

Communication Plan:


  • Engage the organization in the goals and programs developed
  • Get their backing and participation in the programs
  • Get there understanding and appreciation of the total process


  • Invite key people not in retreat to retreat site and share the just completed results
  • Set up a meeting with balance of office
  • CEO or consultant share the process from group meetings to final development of plans
  • Share key observations and Mission Statement that led up to programs
  • Share Gross Sales Goals for each operational unit- unit managers share goals and/or their plan or how they will get input from their team for their unit plan
  • Program managers share their program objectives and preliminary action steps.  Ask for additional ideas and offer others opportunity to serve on program committee.
  • CEO closes with outline for follow up process and thanks their employees in advance for their support and effort to achieve unit and company goals

 Feedback / Follow-up Plan

  • Set up completion dates for budget, major programs and operational unit goals
  • Have each leader feedback their plans to the senior management group for approval, additional input
  • In the first quarter meet monthly with planning retreat members and get feedback on progress
  • Set up at minimum frequency a quarterly feedback meeting to review goal achievement via a discussion of what is working, mid course adjustment and what was learned
  • Set up next years planning retreat using similar process

 Summary: You have involved your entire organization in developing your goals and key programs.  There is a communication process in place to engage everyone in the execution of the plan.  You have committed to regularly reviewing your progress- more frequently in the first quarter to ensure the final plan development and a minimum of quarterly with a special meeting dedicated to review all plans and there progress to date.  You have a review process where the planning team will learn what as worked well, what adjustments need to be made and incorporate this information into their actions.   This makes long range planning the dynamic process that moves organizations forward.  Although it is a new process to some, it is broken down into practical steps to engage an entire organization.  To get buy-in to goals, mission and programs, you must make people part of the process. 

When you do things with people, you provide an opportunity for a positive motivational environment.  However, when you do things to and for people, you may unintentionally detract from a positive motivational environment.  To have organizations accomplish “reach” goals, they need to believe they can achieve the goals.  The belief is developed when they are thoughtfully engaged in developing the goals, plans and their execution and review of progress.

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