Tuesday, August 16th, 2022


The Family Business Blog exists for family business owners, their family members, non family members employed by family businesses and service providers for family businesses.

There is nothing better than a well functioning family business and family.  They work synergistically with each other.  This blog is dedicated to educating the unique stakeholders in the systems needed to produce strong family relationships and family businesses.  When one or more of the key systems is failing or incomplete, relationships and the business can be placed at risk.

The originator of this blog, Bruce G. Clinton has spent over 35 years coaching and consulting privately owned businesses and professional practices.  Information on Bruce can be found at www.business-wise.com .  There is a need to bring together outside services to work hand in hand with family business owners to ensure the survival, growth and succession of family businesses from generation to generation.  This blog is dedicated to this purpose, through articles, questions and comments provided for and by its readers.